Thursday, April 30, 2020

10 minutes 10 days challenge

Even with all this extra time, it can still feel hard to get up and moving some days, right? I know folks are struggling with motivation, and I also know how much accountability has helped me to stay motivated.
So I'm offering up 10 days of motivation, just 10 minutes a day. I'll give you a different 10 minute workout every day working on strength building in different parts of the body, enough to warm you up, get your heart rate up, get the endorphins flowing, and feel the burn. I'll also offer modifications to make things easier or harder so you get a workout that works for you.
Oftentimes I find that with just 10 minutes of workout I can go from gravity bound in my PJs to inspired to go for a walk, a run, do some yoga, get out in the garden. It's just a matter of waking the body UP!
And some of you know, I teach aerial silks. And all of my students and I have been homebound for so many weeks now, so I conjured up this challenge to get them keeping strong until we can train in person again. I created this for them and I'm offering it up for anyone else who wants to join in.
I'm asking just $10 ($1 a day) for ten mini workouts. You'll have other people on the challenge with you and you can find an accountability buddy here to keep yourself committed if that helps you stay on track.
10 days, 10 minutes a day, for $10 ($1 a day)
We'll start on Monday, May 3rd.
You can find the details at
I hope you are all finding gratitude and joy every day. 
Be well

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

the Voices of Sacred Earth afterglow...

Voices of Sacred Earth is such a powerful gathering that serves to uplift indigenous voices and get us more connected to ourselves, each other, and the land.  What an honor to get to share my love of movement there!
Thank you to all of the curious, joyful, and playful acroyogis that came together to explore and laugh and get into their creative aliveness with me!

I'm also working on organizing a day long or weekend Acroyoga workshop up in Auckland, so be in touch if you and your playful friends are keen!!

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

AcroYoga - Montreal style!

Kia ora community.
I am buzzing, having just come back from Evolve festival which was so much down-home yummy fun, silk climbing, acroyoga twisting, barefoot stomping, sun lounging, glitter bombs, and even hot showers to boot!  Thank you Evolve!

The best though, for me, was teaching Acroyoga.  Fourteen eager and joyful souls came to play with me.  All different body shapes and abilities.  We played with form and creativity, letting curiosity and joy be our guide.  Two straight hours and even with the music pumping just around the corner and 8 other workshops spaces happening, no one wanted to leave!  I'm so thankful for Acroyoga Montreal for reminding why I love this practice, giving me new tools and techniques to share, and helping reignite my passion around Acroyoga play!!  The best part is, as well, that every body can play.  It's not about doing the fanciest tricks, but about finding how two bodies meet, and what can emerge from that meeting with curiosity, joy, clear communication, trust building, and listening.

I've got another set of Acroyoga workshops coming up in Auckland at the ever amazing Voices of Sacred Earth.  Come join us!  It's an incredibly sweet weekend with lots of gratitude and play, swimming and sweat lodge, boogieing and heart-soul-earth connection practice.

And yet still I want more!! If you'd like to have me come bring Acroyoga to your school, yoga studio, organization, workplace, please be in touch.  I'm happy to work with your budget/needs/desires/populations. Let's see what we can make happen!

Here's a couple of pics but just from the warm ups.  After that we all got caught in the inspiration vortex!!

<3 <3

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Festival Season is Upon Us

We are so excited that the sun is back, the days are long, and the rivers are plentiful.

This summer season will find us sharing our skills and passions at festivals all over Aotearoa.

After an incredible month in Montreal diving deep into the pedagogy and practice of AcroYoga with the mesmerizing and awe-inspiring AcroYoga Montreal crew, Jen will be focusing the next few months on sharing her movement inspiration.  

To start things off, over five fabulous days of camping and playtime over New Years 2020, Jen will be teaching workshops at the Mix festival, one for beginners, and one for finding your creative flow.  Come discover new ways to twist and push and balance and play!

More AcroYoga soon after, at Nelson's infamous Evolve festival, January 24th-26th
And then she'll be heading up the north island to one of her favorite community festivals, Voices of Sacred Earth at Kawaipurapura Retreat Center

And to top it all off, Andy will be leading a Contact Improv Workshop: Exploring Place and Inanimate Partnership, at the Conscious Dance Aotearoa gathering, here in Motueka.

So much movement! So much goodness.
See you all there!!


Saturday, August 10, 2019

AcroYoga Montreal Teacher Training was everything and more

One month, six days a week, 10 hours a day.

Acroyoga, yoga, creative inquiry, trauma, break dancing, the Work that Reconnects, Anatomy, trauma-informed teaching, oppression theory, core blast, and handstand haven.

It was exhausting and fulfilling in every sense of the word.

And I am now a part of an incredible community of Acroyoga Montreal teachers around the world.

Thank you Eugene Poku and Jessie Goldberg for rocking my world and spreading the love.

thank you thank you thank you

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Story Bridge - "These Stories Are Ours"

They came out singing.

"These stories are not just mine. These stories are ours"

Story Bridge never fails to tug at my heart.
Eight amazing individuals came together to tell stories that changed their life, from leaving a long and love-filled marriage to being flooded out of a home, discovering what true friendship is like, to receiving a phone call that no one ever wants to receive.
They came courageously, they came tenderly, they came playfully, and they brought their stories to life in a way that literally left audience members in tears.

Thank you.

To Creative Communities Tasman for supporting this event.

To the actors, who shared their humanity.

To the audience, without you the stories would just be echoes.

To the people in all of our lives that fill our lives with stories.

Stories remind us what we already know.
That we fall in love with each other through our stories.